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Charter Director - Natascha Weber

Mobile Telephone: +34 629 743 075

Office Telephone: +34 971 707 900


I have been working as a charter broker and charter yacht manager for some 20 years. But from the very beginning of my career I have known all along that as charter brokers we broker dream-holidays. We sell long-awaited and well deserved true holidays, or breakaways from the hectic lives and tight agendas that our clients are living. Life on a super yacht takes you away from all these rigid and formal expectations.

Considering that, "the Client is King", the very first thing I ask a client is "Tell me what don't you like; regardless of how unimportant it might seem". To come to a good result I need to try and draw a detailed picture of your do and don't like's and all clients are different, which is what makes my job so exciting!. Surely all clients like the luxury yachts available but if we don't know what they don't like, the most stunning yacht with the most fabulous crew is possibly not what the client dreamed off. The exact same proven method I apply to the yacht owners to whom I offer yacht management of the "toy" that is closest to their hearts: their yachts.

I like to offer the highest level of absolutely personalized service that caters to the clients' and the owners alike. This is the only way for dreams to come true. Chartering a yacht can only be a dream come true for the client and a dream come true for the owner if his yacht is managed as it deserves with dedication, passion and an eye for detail.

Amongst my clients (many of whom have become multi-repeat clients along the years) and the owners of the yachts that I have managed, I can count members of state, aristocracy, entrepreneurs, film and music stars, F1 car drivers, etc. To me the difference between one and the other person is solely that they have different requirements and different dreams. The size of yacht that they want to book doesn't condition the level of service that I provide. I respect all clients and owners equally and will assist each one as if he/she was my only client on the face of the world.

I am goal-driven, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone, or email me and tell me what kind of charter-dream are you pursuing. I will make it happen!

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